❤️💛💚 ONE LOVE Giveaway just in time for Valentine’s Day! To be eligible to win all pictured, in a drawing, follow the rules listed below. Good luck!

1. FOLLOW @free_lance_gloor & @elev8glassgallery
2. Share a Free Lance Gloor photo of you or your pet.
Write “Free Lance Gloor” on a piece of paper, your hand, etc & snap a photo. Be creative & have fun!
3. Photo must NOT be photo shopped or in any way computer altered. (For the sake of authenticity in this movement). 4. Use hashtags #FreeLanceGloor AND #OneTeamOneDream when posting photo on Instagram. Tag Kerry Cannon or Tracie Gloor-Pike on Facebook. Photo must be seen to be added to the Free Lance Gloor 3 photo album (on Facebook). Pictures will be sent to The White House.

5. Giveaway starts now. A winner will be selected by random drawing the night of Feb 8, 2019 so your package can arrive in time for Valentines! Winner will be notified by Message and announced on @free_lance_gloor
6. Your photo must NOT be a photo that is already in a Free Lance Gloor album. You may take a new photo 🙂 7. Instagram is in no way affiliated with this giveaway. Shipping to Mainland USA only.

10 years for legal medical Cannabis in Washington state is unacceptable. It’s something we, as activists, feel strongly about and since the movement is growing, we know our #cannabiscommunity cares a lot, too. We need this movement to go global!! Let’s do this!! #FREELANCEGLOOR #ONETEAMONEDREAM💚 .
Special thank you for these donations from:
@holistic.cc .
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